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Home Accessories: Flex Your Interior Design Know-How

Home is where the heart is. This sentiment is especially true when you have home accessories that help create an inviting space. Want to foster this welcoming sensation right as guests enter your abode? Greet them in the foyer alongside one or two faux trees in floor vases. Think olive and fig for a Mediterranean look, or go with a tall cactus for more of a Southwestern touch. For those who want to foster their growing green thumb, decorate with authentic greenery instead. Either way, a large planter grabs the eye as visitors make their way to the living room. Once there, treat them to a soothing fragrance from a nearby oil diffuser. If you prefer to fill the room with a lasting aroma the old-fashioned way, scatter candles throughout the space. Think a few tea lights inside a centerpiece bowl on the coffee table to add a subtle glow, or pillar candles on the bookcase to make a bold statement.