Dish Towels

Dish Towels Keep the Kitchen Clean and Dry

Whether you want to dry your dinnerware after washing or use a cloth while cooking, dish towels and kitchen towels are essentials for any home chef. Like to wash your dishes by hand? Skip the drying rack and use kitchen dish towels to get them squeaky clean. They're especially handy when you don't have time to wait for items to drip dry. Terry dish towels are a classic pick for material, while cotton towels are another option to consider. Looking to give your kitchen a cohesive vibe? We got you. Try opting for dish cloths in the same style as your tableware, kitchen decor and beyond. Think blue or white ones to complement blue dinnerware, for instance. Or, if you prefer to keep things modern and minimalist with black dinnerware, dish cloths of all shades mesh naturally. Pro tip: get a dish towel set so you're never without a clean one. White dish towels have a timeless look, while brighter colors offer your space a playful vibe.

Kitchen and Tea Towels Are Versatile Kitchen Staples

Before you dry your kitchen tools and dinnerware with dish towels, try using kitchen towels to elevate your cooking. Also called tea towels, their versatility makes them underappreciated culinary MVPs. For example, use a kitchen cloth to keep your tools clean mid-prep. They're ideal for wiping knife blades, brushing clutter off cooking boards, clearing the surface of the kitchen island and more. Oh, and did we mention they can also help with the recipe itself? When it's time to dry herbs and veggies, squeeze the liquid out of an ingredient or shape dough, kitchen tea towels have you covered. Keep an extra one by your side to use as a kitchen hand towel. Black and white kitchen towels look modern and natural with aesthetics of all kinds.