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Contemporary Drinkware and Barware: Pour Like a Pro

Raise your cup. Whether you're the type to partake in happy hour or just enjoy watching from the sidelines, let contemporary drinkware and bar accessories take center stage. Want to show off your newly-minted mixology skills? Invite the gang over for a casual hangout. Begin by stocking the bar cart's shelves with the basics. Think old-fashioned and cocktail glasses for friends who know what they like, and wine glasses for those who fancy themselves connoisseurs. Keep chaser and martini glasses nearby as well for the wild cards in your group. Want to keep it low-key yourself? Fill a pitcher with ice cold water that's infused with a cucumber or lemon—helping you maintain hydration between rounds. No matter your style, coasters preserve the like-new look of your tall table, while reusable straws coincide with the room's environmentally-friendly vibe.