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Foodie Finesse: Contemporary Serveware

Culinary creations. Prove to your crew that presentation is just as important as the food on display with contemporary serveware. Taking your first stab at a grazing table? Achieve picturesque layers of apps and other bite-sized favorites with tiered servers. Go marble for dainty fare, or stick with wood when hosting a more laid-back event. When filling in gaps on the extendable table's surface, make use of bread baskets stuffed with full loaves and dinner rolls served straight from the oven. Mingling is priority, so be sure to leave snack bowls conveniently within reach—making it easy for guests to move about while munching. A drink dispenser on the edge of the table's surface provides quick access to a refreshing beverage, while a decanter or carafe adds a sophisticated touch. Finally, set out salt and pepper mills alongside the oil and vinegar cruets for a hint of extra flavor.