New Decor & Mirrors

Trend Setters: New Home Decor, Mirrors and Accessories

The latest and greatest. Deck out your space with new home decor, mirrors and accessories. Looking for an unexpected accent that ties it all together? Consider sculptures for the console table. A metal animal gives a whimsical feel, while a marble bust delivers major glamor. Prefer a natural look? Accessorize with teak root, crystals or coral for a soothing vibe. Botanicals provide a similar effect—place them in glass vases for a streamlined look, or consider textured ones for a boho feel. Then, accentuate the display by hanging a wall mirror behind it. Find new home decor for your outdoor spaces, too. Breathe life into the porch or patio with a few planters, and add an ambient glow with lanterns. To make a solid first impression at the front door, find modern mailboxes, address numbers and door knockers as well.